Carbon Tax Spikes Gas Prices

Commuters returning from their holidays had a nasty surprise when they fuelled up their vehicles today - the new carbon tax means higher gas prices.

In Ontario, the government won't even tell us that they're charging it. But they expect to raise $2 billion from it, which is about $400 per household.

New Carbon Tax Starting January 1st!

Most of us ring in the new year with our family and friends. But politicians in Ontario and Alberta are ringing in 2017 by counting all the new money they'll be squeezing out of us with their carbon taxes, starting January 1st.

Ontario government's latest hydro boondoggle

This week we learned of the Ontario government's latest hydro boondoggle. 98% of the budget for a program that provides rebates for the hydro bills of low income earners was spent on consultants and ads.

Of an $11.9 million, $11.7 million was spent promoting the government and on high priced consultants. Not actually helping people with their hydro bills.

Enough is enough!

Announcing the Ontario Stop High Energy Bills campaign!

YOU WON'T BELIEVE what Ontario's Minister of Energy said about hydro rates!

He said that if our bills go up, the 8% savings we get will be even bigger!

He's right that 8% of $200 is more than 8% of $100, but the BILL you get is HIGHER!

Help us get the message out about Wynne’s bogus Hydro math, and SHARE this video!

Today's Ontario throne speech announced plans to rebate the 8% provincial HST on hydro bills.

Why aren't we happy?

Because hydro bills are growing at a rate of 8% per year! And because the carbon tax will come into effect the exact same time as your hydro rebate, and will eat up any savings you would have seen!

Kathleen Wynne needed to provide real solutions to soaring hydro rates. This rebate provides her some political relief, but no real relief for consumers.