TORONTO, ON: Today the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) launched a billboard, website and media campaign that is aimed at telling Ontario politicians to “leave our energy bills alone.” The new campaign’s goal is to engage the public to take action on the cost of political interference in the electricity sector, and the costs of the Ontario government’s new cap-and-trade carbon tax that will take effect January 1, 2017.

At a Monday morning press conference, CTF Ontario Director Christine Van Geyn unveiled the first of a series of billboards that will appear across Ontario. The first billboard is located in downtown Toronto at the corner of Front and Simcoe, and directs the public to CTF’s campaign

“Over a decade of political meddling in the electricity sector in Ontario has left families in this province paying some of the highest electricity bills in North America. Now the government is going to do to home heating and gasoline bills what they did to our electricity bills with their newest tax,” said Van Geyn. “What’s worse is that both of the opposition parties seem to be fine with hiking people’s energy bills with carbon tax proposals of their own.”

The campaign website, provides information about the costs of the new tax on the average household, news coverage, a petition against the tax, as well as shareable graphics and an order form for free “Stop High Energy Bills” bumper stickers.

Estimates say that the planned tax could cost between $156 and $387 per year to start, based on  the proposed $18 per tonne tax on carbon emissions. The federal government has also stated that they want this eventually increased to $50 per tonne, an increase of 178 per cent.

“The government’s newest plan to generate more money is tax on your commute to work and tax on keeping your family warm in the winter. When Ontario families are already struggling to pay their household bills because of this government’s bungling of the electricity sector, the very last thing they need or can afford is another tax that will make those household bills rise even more. These aren’t luxuries – they’re the necessities of life,” concluded Van Geyn.

More billboards will be launched across Ontario in the coming months with accompanying press events.