TORONTO, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) commissioned an Ontario-wide poll with Nanos Research and is today releasing the results. The Nanos poll of 500 Ontarians, conducted from February 3rd-7thfound that across Ontario, over 50.5 per cent of those polled “oppose” cap and trade, and 10 per cent are “somewhat opposed,” for an overall opposition of 60.5 per cent. In contrast, 21.1 per cent “support” and 14.7 “somewhat support” cap and trade, for an overall support of 35.8 per cent.

The results also found that 67.7 per cent of Ontarians believe cap and trade will cost them more than the government’s claim of $13 per month.

“These poll results show how deeply unpopular the new cap and trade tax is. People are unhappy with this new tax that is making natural gas and gasoline more expensive, and which is driving up our already out of control electricity bills. What is surprising is politicians’ continued support for carbon taxes in the face of such strong opposition,” said CTF Ontario Director, Christine Van Geyn.

The poll also asked respondents if they were more or less likely to support a party that proposed a direct carbon tax on natural gas and gasoline, which is the model currently proposed by Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown. The poll shows that 58.4 per cent, or 6 in 10 Ontarians, oppose the Brown model of carbon tax.

“This poll shows that the people of Ontario are opposed to carbon taxes – whether the Wynne model or the Brown model,” continued Van Geyn. “Ontarians are saying that energy costs are out of control, and the majority oppose carbon taxes. But we have all three political party leaders promoting carbon tax policies that will actually make energy even more expensive. It leaves those feeling the financial pinch with no champion,” continued Van Geyn.

The poll also found that when given eight options, 30 per cent of Ontarians think the top policy priority of the government should be reducing the cost of electricity and energy. Of the eight options, Ontarians picked as most important: “reducing the cost of electricity and energy” (30 per cent), “improving health care” (19.8 per cent), “supporting job creation” (13.4 per cent), “balancing the budget” (12.2 per cent), “investing in more social programs” (10.3 per cent), education (7.4 per cent), and lastly, “reducing greenhouse gases” (4.3per cent). Only 2.2 per cent of respondents were “unsure.”

 “It’s no surprise to us that the number one policy priority for Ontarians is high energy bills. We agree, which is why CTF is running the ‘Stop High Energy Bills’ campaign,” concluded Van Geyn.

The results of the Nanos poll had a margin of error of +/- 4.4 per cent, 19 times out of 20. Details about the questions can be found HERE.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has launched a campaign aimed at engaging the public and empowering citizens to take action about high hydro rates and the cap and trade tax on home heating fuels and gasoline. More information is available at

Christine Van Geyn is Ontario director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.


Posted: February 16, 2017