For What?

- 56% of Ontario voters oppose Wynne’s cap and trade plan. Link

- The plan will cost households $156 more annually for home heating and gasoline, and that’s just to start. Link

- Hydro in Ontario already costs roughly double the average US consumers pay, and is growing 60% faster than the rest of Canada. This new tax will hurt families even more. Link

-Kathleen Wynne expects to rake in $1.9 billion annually from this tax, and she already has plans to spend it before she even has our money. Link

-The government is hiding the true cost of this carbon tax in the delivery line of gas bills. Quebec and BC list the carbon tax as its own line item on bills, but in Ontario we won’t be able to see the cost. Link

- The HST will be applied on top of the carbon on, for a tax on tax. Kathleen Wynne could have provided a rebate for the tax-on-tax like they do in British Columbia, but chose not to. Link.

 - Gas taxes in Ontario are already exorbitant - 36% of the price you pay at the pumps goes towards taxes. The new tax will add 4.3 cents per litre to the price, and that’s just to start.