It costs a lot to live in Ontario.

House prices are crazy. Jobs keep vanishing. Incomes never seem to go up.

And to top it all up off hydro bills keep going up and up.

And that’s not enough for Kathleen Wynne, who has brought in a new carbon tax that is sending your gas and home heating bills up too.

On January 1st, Kathleen Wynne brought in a new tax in Ontario

that has made natural gas and gasoline for your car more expensive. The price of gas has already gone up more than 4.3 cents a litre because of the tax, and home heating bills have already shot up. And that’s just the beginning. Now Justine Trudeau has said he wants Wynne’s carbon tax increased by 178 per cent by 2022.

That’s right, it’s already costing you more

to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. And to make matters worse politicians are applying HST on top of her new tax. A sneaky tax on a tax!

These new plans are forcing Ontario businesses

to spend $1.9 billion a year buying “carbon credits” mainly from California and Quebec. All this won’t make any difference to the environment, but will hurt your wallet. And to make things even worse, every Ontario politician from PC leader Patrick Brown to NDP leader Andrea Horvath support a new carbon tax.

So send them a message to leave your energy bills alone.


What Is Cap and Trade?

- Cap-and-trade is a new tax on home heating bills, gasoline, and any products that need to be manufactured or transported.

Taxpayer Money Sent Outside Canada

- Cap and trade means millions of dollars in taxpayer money will flow from Ontario to California in order to buy their carbon credits.

For What?

- 56% of Ontario voters oppose Wynne’s cap and trade plan. Link

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